Why Tree Plantation is Important?

Why Tree Plantation is Important?

How You Can Plant a Tree and Help to Save the Planet

The importance of tree plantation in urban area is undeniable; it not only provides a green environment but also promotes the aesthetic beauty and functionality of the surrounding areas. However, at times it becomes almost impossible to maintain the natural tree at the given location, sometimes there are environmental issues and tree diseases, pests and other threats pose serious problems. In such situations, tree services become indispensable. Here we will discuss why tree plantation is important:


  • The rapid urbanization and development has increased the scope of tree plantation in various parts of the world.
  • Due to increased population, the need for more trees to provide fresh air and oxygen to the surrounding areas is more important now than before.
  • The tree plantation nowadays depends on the local conditions, on how fast trees grow and their condition.
  • The amount of trees planted in an urban area will also depend on the climatic conditions prevailing in the place.
  • Without enough tree plantation, humans cannot thrive in this modern era and hence the basic necessity of a healthy tree must be established.

Reduced Carbon Dioxide Emissions:

  • Trees mostly produce carbon dioxide and this is the main reason behind global warming.
  • They trap carbon dioxide in their roots and as a result their leaves become dark brown in color.
  • When the leaves become black, they release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Thus tree plantation helps reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Reduced Pollution:

  • There are many places where there is no oxygen without any form of plant life.
  • However, in case of human beings, the carbon dioxide released from burning of fossil fuels creates enough quantity of oxygen to the soil and this becomes vital for survival.
  • Hence tree plantation helps to improve and restore the air quality in cities.
  • In fact, if every person planted trees on his own, we could save this earth from further degradation. In fact, the planting of trees is said to be able to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce global warming by several percent.

Increased Kindness:

  • A major factor for the survival of human beings on this earth is kindness.
  • This can be achieved if we are kind to each other.
  • And tree plantation has shown some interesting ways of being kind to each other.
  • Studies have shown that when there is tree plantation around, the people tend to be more polite and extend their greetings to each other and this extends cordiality between them.

As a conclusion, tree plantation can be considered to be very important for improving the earth condition. Apart from the above stated reasons, the impact tree plantation can make on our lives is very important. If we were not able to have trees on our earth, there would be nothing to shade us from the scorching heat or from the lightning. And definitely we will have less air and there would be less oxygen in the atmosphere to support human life.

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