How Trees help the Environment?

Trees can help the environment

What would happen if all the world's trees disappeared? - BBC Future

People often wonder how tree help the environment. Trees are a form of clean energy and provide habitat for various wildlife species. In some parts of the world tree can grow up to fifty feet in height. They have been a major part of our ecosystem for centuries. In today’s world we need trees not only for our aesthetic beauty but for many other reasons as well.

  • Trees are a great way to filter our air.
    • As a matter of fact, trees filter about ninety percent of the air they are exposed to.
    • If we didn’t have trees we wouldn’t be able to breathe the clean fresh air that they provide.
    • On top of that, if there were no trees our carbon footprint would increase dramatically.
  • Another reason for having trees is that they keep soil warmer.
    • The bigger the tree the cooler the soil will be.
    • The leaves also act as a reflector which is a great thing for the ozone layer. T
    • he tree is another source of food and another way to purify the air we breathe by removing harmful particles.
    • Trees not only grow and provide nutrients for us but they help regulate the quantity of rain that falls in our environment.

If you are trying to grow your own tree you need to know the right steps to take. You can start off by finding out what tree will best suit where you live. Different types of trees grow better in certain climates and at certain times of the year. You need to find out what type of tree will thrive in your area and what planting time would work best.

Planting a tree can be a beautiful endeavor if you do it properly. You need to make sure that the tree you plant grows big enough to support itself. If you plant a tree that is too small it will break free from its roots and die. Also, you need to have the tree planted where it can get plenty of sunlight. This will help it grow strong and healthy. Ecologist Warns: Planting Trees Is No Panacea for Climate Change

Knowing how tree help the environment is a great idea. One of the benefits of tree’s is that they act as a natural filter for getting rid of air pollution. If the tree grows and spreads out enough it can become a canopy which will help block out the sun and reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by the ground. Also, the wind will be blowing through the tree and will create less turbulence which will decrease the amount of pollen and dust that will be entering our homes.

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