How can Trees help us?

Tress are a big help for us!

For Peter Wohlleben, trees and humans aren't so different

If you are worried about global warming and your house getting destroyed by storms and flooding, then perhaps you might wish to find out how can trees help us? Trees have been around for eons and will always be an important part of our ecosystem. They provide food, shade and protection for many other living things, and are crucial to our habitat. They even help control the earth’s climate.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is what causes global warming, and use the sun’s energy to turn that gas into sugars. In this step of the process, tree absorbs carbon Dioxide and uses it as its source of energy. As well as photosynthesis, trees go through an entirely different process known as respiration, which turns carbon Dioxide into oxygen.

If you have concerns about global warming and your house being destroyed, then perhaps you should find out how can trees help us? It seems silly to think that something so important to our existence as trees can be affected by global warming, but the truth is that they can. In fact, studies have shown that some types of forests are more sensitive to global warming than others. So, taking care of our trees is a good way to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren.

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